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  • Xirtamehtsitahw's Hacking Thread

    I'm going to start my own CWCheat code thread, and hope that I can request it be stickied, like a lot of other people's cheat-code threads (Nolberto82, Mezmorize, Abystus, Rimsky88, among others).

    My CWCheat codes are, for the most part, for games played using emulators for older consoles/handhelds on PSP.

    Games I've hacked so far include Super Mario World (SNES), Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team (GBA), Metroid: Zero Mission (GBA), and even some unlicensed Genesis games (Pocket Monsters 1 and 2).

    Post any retro game you'd like CWCheat codes for (make it in English, please--PAL games are fine), and I'll try to make those codes.

    I'm well-versed in making codes involving timers, lives, health, coins, and maybe even moon jumps (just don't ask me to try that last one for Spyro: Season of Flame--I've already tried ).
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    No one's cheat code thread is stickied so I won't give this thread one. However, it would be nice to see some PSP codes being made in this section. I've considered making some myself.
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      All right. I just thought that some of those cheat threads were stickied, due to not ever being off of the first page. It must be due to the high volume of activity on them. Anyway, I hope this thread doesn't die like a lot of my others (seems I always end up being the last poster in whatever thread I post).
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        Cube (U): Another Code-less Game Bytes the Dust?

        I just remembered a nifty little game I played years ago, when the PSP was still relatively young (read: around 2006 or so). Simply titled "Cube" (in America), it's a puzzle-type game where you control a cube (natch), trying to push other cubes into place, or hitting switches, among other things, while avoiding certain obstacles, which either deal damage or "kill" your cube.

        Thus, I'm going to try to hack at least an infinite-health code, and maybe even a freeze-timer code (I think some puzzles have time limits).

        EDIT: Scratch this game off the "Bytes the dust" list--it actually freezes while attempting to search for codes! Game has been deleted from my PSP. Wonder if someone knows a cheat device that does NOT freeze whenever you try to search for codes in Cube.
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          SmashGPSP (Homebrew)

          1. P1 Infinite Jumps: 0x0034DC70 0x00000002

          2. P1 Invincible: 0x0034DC60 0x00000002

          3. P1 Infinite Lives: 0x002B84AC 0x00000006

          Spyro: Season of Ice (GBA) CWCheat Codes*

          1. Infinite Lives Spyro

          0x601E5A2C 0x00000063
          0x00000001 0x00001494

          2. Infinite HP Spyro

          0x004E2898 0x00000004

          3. Spyro Moon Jump

          0xD0000000 0x10002000
          0x004E2888 0x000000CC

          4. Spyro Infinite Glide (press Triangle during glide)

          0xD0000001 0x10001000
          0x601E5A2C 0x00000080
          0x00000001 0x00001C75

          5. Refill HP in Sparx levels (press X to refill HP while shooting fireballs)

          0xD0000000 0x10004000
          0x004E5FFE 0x00000006

          6. Freeze Timer in Speedway Levels (sets timer to 1:10.00)

          0x104E66E4 0x00001068

          *These codes will ONLY work on the gPSP Kai 3.4 Test 3 Build 152 version.
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            (NES) Tetris--Disable Score Cap (CWCheat)

            The title says it all--I'm going to try to hack a way to disable the game's score cap (it normally stops at 999,999). I may do this by simply setting the first digit to A, so I can then go to B00,000, C00,000, et cetera. It would enable me to get over 2.5 million points before the symbols start getting weird (as in parts of the title screen, odd-looking blobs, and what-have-you).

            This SHOULD be easy to track down...but it's NOT. I don't know where the routine is located which stops the score from increasing beyond 999,999. I'm wondering if this is going to take some assembly knowledge to be able to figure out, in which case I'd be as lost as a blind man in a maze.
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              Tetris (Official Nintendo version) CWCheat codes

              Please note that these codes are likely to work ONLY on NesterJ 1.13.

              Alternate Scoring Method*

              0x003A63A4 0x00000010

              *Counts up from 000,000 to 199,999, then A00,000 to F99,999, then rolls back over to 000,000. This process can be repeated endlessly...effectively removing the score cap!

              Press SELECT for I-piece (long "bar")

              0xD0000000 0x10000001
              0x00341732 0x00000012

              Credit goes to rimsky82 for the original Game Genie code. I just converted it to CWCheat format.

              Blocks don't fall automatically

              0x003A509E 0x000000C9

              Credit goes to rimsky82 for the original raw code. I just converted it to CWCheat format.

              Holding A and pressing Start adds 20 levels instead of 10

              0x003A4B83 0x00000014

              Credit goes to Joshua Tolles for the original Game Genie code. I simply converted it to CWCheat format.
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                When tinkering with my add-levels code (just to see what level I could skip ahead to), I discovered that the very highest level I can start on is level 244 (adding 235 levels to level 9). Anything higher would cause the game to freeze.

                Also, there appears to be an actual stopping point to the game: level E9, which locks up as soon as the first block of the level locks into place. I'm not sure if this is simply because I skipped so many levels ahead, but I do know that I've seen a couple of Youtube videos showing it is possible to get past level E9. There are actually 335 levels to the game. If you get PAST level 335, the game simply rolls the levels over, and you start from level 00 again. This can be confirmed by the existence of several Youtube videos showing people reaching level 335 (with 3,500+ lines--shows up as X00). Somebody managed to cycle through the levels in just over an hour (probably maxing out the score about 50 times over ).
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                  I remember I made a GG code years ago so that you always had the same piece every time. I picked the square and tried to see how far I could get. Don't remember the level number (probably around 150), but the pieces were coming down so fast I finally gave up. Should have used a code to keep the game from speeding up. :-)
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                    Because NES Tetris is such a popular game, I'm going to post the following code in both CWCheat and Game Genie format:

                    Disable Score Cap!*


                    0x003A63A7 0x00000000

                    Game Genie:


                    *This code makes it so the score no longer stops at 999,999 ("maxes out"). Instead, it rolls over back to 000,000, so you can do it all over again (if your thumb-eye coordination can handle the game's insane speeds by then )
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                      I believe I know where the NES RAM addresses begin in NesterJ 1.13.

                      The address of my I-piece code is 0x00341732, which corresponds exactly to the raw address 0x0062 in the actual game. Thus, the master NES RAM addresses actually start at 0x003416D0. A rather peculiar place to start, but it matches up.

                      The ROM addresses start in a rather peculiar place, as well--they are not simply 8000 bytes after the start of the RAM.

                      My score cap code, for example, is 0x003A63A7, which is more than 60,000 bytes past the start of the game RAM start location in TempAR. It corresponds to a raw ROM address of 0x9C8D. Therefore, I should subtract 0x1C8D from that address to find where the ROM addresses start in TempAR. This is a REALLY odd place to start the ROM addresses--the address doesn't even end in a 0!

                      The TempAR address where the ROM starts is 0x003A471A. I can use these "master addresses" to unlock literally HUNDREDS of other CWCheat codes, by directly converting the Game Genie and PAR codes on this site to CWCheat format.

                      The Code now open.
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                        can you post a link to NesterJ 1.13 the one you have?
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                          You can find it on Just go to their downloads section, and type in "NesterJ 1.13" in the search box.

                          Also, it appears that the newest NesterJ (1.12 AEoX r3) tends to have a weird glitch when using TempAR: the game keeps trying to run in the background, whether you have the "game pause" flag set to TRUE or not. The longer you have the TempAR menu active, the more glitched up the game gets (as in, it appears to "freeze" for a bit, then finally catches up, with often bizarre results--I saw SMB1's timer jump from something like 331 to 178 instantly, for example).

                          The version of NesterJ I use doesn't have that problem (but it doesn't have the rewind/mirror features--no big loss, IMO).
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                            Here are a couple of CWCheat codes for SMB1:

                            1. Invincible (enemies pass through you, but you can still stomp them)
                            0x003AA047 0x0000002A

                            2. Multi-jump
                            0x003A7BAD 0x00000000

                            These codes were converted from pre-existing Game Genie codes (ZZZSSO and AEPLLG, respectively). These two codes have been around for so long that I can't remember who first created them.

                            I remember creating a Game Genie code years ago, which would allow you to repeatedly stomp enemies, and get higher and higher points for doing so (eventually earning 1UPs with enough stomps in a row without touching the ground). The code is PXLIVP. Another code I happened across is PKAOZO, which gives you permanent Starman power (but we already have a few of those).

                            UPDATE: Discovered the CWCheat code for editing/freezing the timer. 0x20341EE8 000A0909 makes the timer stop at 999. However, you have to turn the code off when you grab the flagpole, or else you'll simply rack up points ad infinitum (the code actually LOCKS the timer at a certain number, and thus keeps the scoring session from ending, unless you turn the code off). Also, you cannot get fireworks with this code active, even if you lock the timer with the ones digit at 6, 3, or 1.
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                              Here are a few CWCheat codes for SMB3 (USA-PRG0):

                              Infinite Lives
                              0x00341E26 0x00000063

                              Invincible (No Enemy Clipping)*
                              0x00341C42 0x00000050

                              Freeze Timer**
                              0x00341CE3 0x00000001

                              Infinite Flying Time***
                              0x00341C5E 0x000000FF

                              Silent Flight****
                              0x00341BE1 0x00000000

                              Star Power^
                              0x00341C43 0x000000FF

                              *Enemies can walk right through you; you must turn this code off to pick up the wand after defeating a Koopaling. You can turn the code back on after picking the wand up.

                              **Does not work in auto-scrolling areas. Works everywhere else.

                              ***As soon as you jump, the full P-meter effect activates, whether you have a full meter or not.

                              ****Also silences other sounds, such as when you stomp on an enemy, swim, or throw a fireball/hammer. Does NOT affect gameplay.

                              ^Just as with any of the "start and stay" codes, or the original Starman-based Game Genie and PAR codes, you must turn this code off, or at least not touch Bowser while it is active, or else you'll kill him, and he'll fall off screen, but not hit bottom (maybe he disintegrates? )...thus locking the game up, preventing you from reaching Peach (and winning the game).

                              SMB3 is one of the first NES games to feature an extended RAM address range. The original RAM runs for 2048 bytes, then the extended RAM runs for another 8192 bytes. After that, the ROM extends for another 262,144 bytes (give or take a few). I wonder how far into the ROM that a Game Genie can affect?

                              I tried poking around, based on the decrypted address and value of the multi-jump Game Genie code, GZUXNGEI. The raw ROM address is supposed to be 0xAC3F. The decrypted code looks like this: AC3F?D0:24. I've tried looking for where this code is SUPPOSED to be (based on my experience hacking SMB1 ROM codes), and it doesn't show up there. I've looked further into the game's ROM addresses (which still start at 0x003A471A, like in SMB1), and can't pinpoint where the specific ROM flag is that governs whether a jump has been performed or not (I imagine that is how the multi-jump code works).

                              I'm going to have to see if hacking a "24, D0, 24, D0" sequence (24 = hasn't jumped yet, D0 = has jumped) is feasible. It's about all I have to go on, because I have absolutely no idea where this ROM address is actually located in the SMB3 memory banks.

                              UPDATE: I finally discovered where the actual ROM addresses begin in SMB3! I had to jump forward quite a-ways past the normal ROM start address. The address SMB3's ROM starts at is 0x003B271A. This is due to the fact that SMB3's extended RAM begins at the same place SMB1's ROM starts at (0x003A471A). That's what was throwing me off all this time.

                              Looks like a bunch more Game Genie codes are going to be hacked!
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