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Colored names based on rank.

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  • Colored names based on rank.

    It would make it a lot easier to find out who is a mod or admin and be able to contact them in case things go awry. Currently you can't tell the difference between an admin and a normal user by the nick alone. Not really suggesting this for user ranks.
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    Sounds good. Hopefully it gets implemented.


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      It's a good idea, but there is a staff list on the main site.


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        This forum should have colored ranks for admin, mods etc... just likes this one!

        Visit here for information about forum ranks colors!
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          This is something I would definitely support.

          I'm on a forum that has several different colours for their members (some people who aren't part of the staff have a colour depicting their gender; men have their username in blue, women have their username in pink, and people who didn't specify their gender are in purple); even the staff have different colours in their username depending on their rank. Another forum I'm on has different colours for the staff, but they also have a special colour they use for former members of the forum who died (it's the same colour regardless of whether that person was a staff member or not).


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            Maybe if not having a color coded name, definitely having an icon next to the names would be good. Either way is okay with me.
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              Originally posted by ReyVGM View Post
              Sounds good. Hopefully it gets implemented.
              I hope so.
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                I haven't dug around to see if there's a mod or plugin for this on vB5, but I don't remember seeing one when perusing through the well-known mods out there. If someone sees one, let me know; otherwise, this won't exactly be top priority over fixing other issues or adding new functionality.
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                  Those are just images that you can assign to user ranks.

                  But there is this addon to assign username colors, minus the rank images.
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