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Another system to add on the genesis drop down menu

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  • Another system to add on the genesis drop down menu

    Picodrive is another emulator that isn't selectable in the genesis code list. I believe it uses PAT files and that would be Fusion? So you just need to add the option for Picodrive which will download fusion files. It'd just be more convenient for people that don't research cheat files for Picodrive. Picodrive is a emulator for PC that is notable for having Sega Pico emulation. There is also a psp port, which is what I use.

    Also, Kega and Fusion are both selectable seperately. Aren't they the same emulator? Or were they once seperate emulators?

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    i have Picodrive on my PS2 so it's good idea to do that

    yeah Kega and Fusion are same.


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      gpsp for gba also needs to be added. Those files come in cht format. For now I'll have to use a program to make cht files.

      You can download the cheat creator here:


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        And, the Picodrive emulator for PSP also uses the PAT format.
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