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Support for the libretro/retroarch .cht format and CodeSearch

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  • Support for the libretro/retroarch .cht format and CodeSearch

    I love the site and you guys do a great job. I had a couple of ideas to run by you if that's alright. The first is retroarch. It's becoming huge with desktop and Raspberry Pi users and I personally enjoy using it. Their cht format is confusing and a real pain to type up manually. I was hoping you might be able to add retroarch to the list of exportable formats. I know they have a github for it, but a cht file that only has "unlimited lives" just isn't fun. Being able to select whatever Code I want and then saving the file would be fantastic.

    I also wish there was a way to search through all games on the site by code title. For instance, I might want to search for "Hit Anywhere" and see every game that has such a code. That's all I wanted to say. I appreciate all you guys do for the community. Thanks.
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    That second idea sounds cool actually. Problem is there really isn't a lot of naming consistency in regards to how codes are named. You might find a lot of Hit Anywhere results, but that's because it's the same guy adding those (Nolberto). The moment more people start to add similar codes, the names start to change. But I guess it's a nice option to have, if it's easy enough to implement.


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      The first idea I will definitely look at. The second idea has come up before, and I will think on that as well.

      I have been really busy irl, and things aren't going to be slowing down yet, either. I can't give you an eta, but I will keep it in mind the next time I sit down to dev.
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        Awesome Rimsky! Thanks for considering them. Just let me know if/when something is added. I'll be sure to spread the news on all the appropriate forums and get some more traffic coming to the site.


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          I would love #1 to happen. You have no idea how much of a massive pain in the anus the Retroarch cht format is - it can take an hour to hand-convert a single game's codes.