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How to Swap In/Upgrade a PS4 HDD

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  • How to Swap In/Upgrade a PS4 HDD

    By Angie Santiago

    This is great news for PlayStation fans everywhere, since one of the best things about owning a PlayStation 3 is the ability to swap out hard drives for bigger ones. Considering the amount of digital content PlayStation Plus subscribers are in for, this has always been a godsend.

    Sony recognized that this ability would give gamers even more options to customize their PlayStation's according to the storage sizes they needed, and so theyíve aptly and, letís be honest, graciously added in this feature for the PS4. However, itís truly no surprise that this feature had made it on to the next-generation. It wouldnít bode over well with the fan base if they are able to upgrade the HDD on PS3 and have the privilege to do so taken away on the PS4. Not to mention it remained easily accessible as it did on the original PS3. To access the HDD on that one, all you had to do was pop open a small compartment, take out the screw, and access was granted; swap to your heartís desire.

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