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Can someone tell me more about Can-Spam?

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  • Can someone tell me more about Can-Spam?

    Hi. Can someone tell me more about Can-Spam? How to match Can-Spam?

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    The CAN-SPAM Act spells out the rules for email marketers, whether their intentions are good or bad. If you're sending emails for commercial use, you have to do the following:
    1. Include an unsubscribe method.
    2. Actually unsubscribe someone when they request it, and do it in a timely manner.
    3. If sending for commercial uses, you need to include a physical address.
    4. While not explicitly banned, sending to people who have not opted in is discouraged.


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      I think you've already figured out what can-spam is, so it's time for you to figure out how you can comply with the can-spam act. The most important rule I learned from the can spam act article is that you should be as truthful as possible about the subject of your emails. I mean, if you're creating a promotional text to send out to your customers, you don't have to put the word "ad" in the subject line, but you should make sure to make a note in the body of the message that it is an ad. I think you can learn more about can-spam in the article I shared with you.