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Free Guitar Hero Live Class Action Lawsuit Investigation

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  • Free Guitar Hero Live Class Action Lawsuit Investigation

    Have you played Guitar Hero Live online or have you had an online account to play?

    Activision’s Guitar Hero is a music video game that has enjoyed tremendous popularity in recent years. Users of the game employ a unique guitar-shaped controller to play along with music tracks by matching fret patterns scrolled on their screens with the frets on the controller itself.

    The game previously offered two different gaming modes, namely, Guitar Hero TV (GHTV) mode, which required the use of an online streaming service provided by Activision, and Guitar Hero Live (GH Live), which allowed players to use the game to a more limited extent, without accessing the online streaming service.

    The GHTV streaming service at one point offered 484 playable tracks, while the GH Live mode offered just 42 playable tracks. As such, GHTV’s streaming service contained 92% of the playable tracks available within the Guitar Hero Live family of products.

    On June 1, 2018, Activision announced that it would terminate the GHTV streaming service and that its online servers would be permanently shut down.

    It was also announced at that time that the iOS versions of the Guitar Hero Live products would no longer be available for download and that users who updated their iOS software ran the risk of GH Live software no longer being supported.

    As such, just three years after Activision launched the Guitar Hero group of products, purchasers of the game no longer had the ability to utilize GHTV play mode or to play online at all, and they also lost access to 92% of the game’s playable music tracks catalogue.

    If you played or had an online account to play Guitar Hero Live, you may qualify to join this Guitar Hero Live class action lawsuit investigation.

    Fill out the form on this page for a free case evaluation by a class action lawsuit attorney.
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