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    I get the majority of my cheat codes from there, or I used to, until very recently (I'd say no more than two weeks ago), I go to the main site and get this odd and dumbfounding error that of course, I don't understand worth a bag of nuts. It's been there since, and although I could get codes from here, it is sad to say that the majority of what I seek I cannot find and as far as finding my own, I am not that great at it, especially since most of what I need involves stuff that isn't visible (like if something has happened/state been applied/etcetera) as a number string.

    So, I dunno. Kinda stuck without it.

    If anyone knows what the deal is, I'd love to hear back, though I don't expect a flurry of replies if any, since places like this are being nuked left and right...

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    I'm also getting that error. There is a solution... You can use the Wayback Machine. Just enter the address for BSFree and it will take you to an older copy of the site (which won't make a difference since it hasn't changed in years).

    Here's a link to Wayback Machine:
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    The Code Hut:


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      To make it easier, here's a link directly to BSFree. This "copy" is from January 02, 2019
      The Code Hut:


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        That's great that the site was archived, but it still leaves the mystery of what happened.


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          I was actually wondering the same thing when I searched for Animal Crossing Gamecube codes that are not in the database here. Maybe the hosting went out.
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