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Best Buy is selling empty cases for Starlink on Switch

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  • Best Buy is selling empty cases for Starlink on Switch

    According to Polygon[/url], a whole bunch of gamers who've bought Starlink: Battle for Atlas from Best Buy are getting the package without the game inside. The issue appears to be exclusive to Best Buy, and limited solely to those buying the Nintendo Switch version of the game.

    Reports of missing Starlink cartridges first crept up on video game forum ResetEra, later spreading to Reddit.

    Polygon also notes that several reviews on the Best Buy website make mention of the game being missing from the package. But amazingly, when Polygon reached out to Best Buy for comment, the retailer stated that it hadn't heard about a single incident of missing cartridges.

    Ubisoft is apparently aware of the issue, issuing a statement that asks players to contact the company's customer support team. But aside from that, there's no word on what exactly Best Buy or Ubisoft will do to help buyers get the games they bought.
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