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Man threatens to shoot boy over Fortnite loss

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  • Man threatens to shoot boy over Fortnite loss

    Michael Aliperti, 45, has been arrested for threatening to shoot an 11 year old boy after receiving a trouncing on the video game "Fortnite." (Suffolk County Police Department)

    After losing to the child, Michael Aliperti of Huntington — who goes by the gamer handle “TrickedMarker70” repeatedly threatened to shoot his victim, a Kings Park resident, Suffolk County police said Tuesday.

    “I am going to find you with a gun. You dead,” Aliperti said, according to court records. “I will come to your house tonight and fuck your world up.”

    In another threat, Aliperti said he was going to find the victim at his school and shoot him.

    The threats were sent Monday, delivered through voice and text messages on the boy’s Xbox, officials said.
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