Last year saw the release of Ubisoft's For Honor, a game that managed moderate to negative reviews on launch, which would see Ubisoft attempt to improve the game in the months after release. A major content update titled Marching Fire is due out soon, and with it will come some changes, such as an arcade mode, which you can play on your own, or in co-op. Four new playable characters will also be added, alongside a breach mode.

If you want these features, you'll need to buy Marching Fire, which is a $29.99 expansion for the game, which will release on October 16. In order to get a larger player base for when that expansion launches, Ubisoft will be cutting the price down on For Honor's base version, which will now be free for a limited time.

Those on Xbox One (Games with Gold subscription needed) or PC (free on Steam) will be able to get the game for free, and keep it permanently, so long as they claim it between August 22-27.