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The Best And Worst Video Games To Play Stoned

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  • The Best And Worst Video Games To Play Stoned

    BREAKING: Video games and weed go together really, really well. Who knew? Like chocolate and peanut butter, it may not be the healthiest combo humankind has ever devised, but you’ll really be missing out if you resist.

    Not all pot friendly video games are created equal, though. While some provide a light, bubbly good time, others can be harrowing experiences, with your high intensifying your already heightened senses. So proceed with caution and learn from our seasoned crew.

    Fire Up the Console — and Yourself — and Enter These Weird, Weed Friendly Worlds
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    Just play LSD for the PSOne:


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      The only one I ever played on that list while I was high was, Mario Party.
      My favorite games to play high are: Mega Man X, Castlevania Symphony of The Night, Super Castlevania 4, Super Metroid, Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Strider 2, Jet Set Radio Future and The Legend of Zelda A Link To The Past.

      I usually tend to stay away from horror games because those tend to trip me out for unknown reasons, however, most of my friends love to play those high, though.

      Strider 2 for the PS1 is highly (lol get it?) recommended.
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        Games not to play:
        Strategy games like Command and Conquer, Chess

        Fun games:
        Crash Bandicoot series
        Mohawk and Headphone Jack
        Mario Paint
        Perfect Dark with friends
        Blast Chamber
        Cart World Series
        some other games
        "Roll The Bones" - Rush #nensondubois_


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          Perfect Dark with 8 Dark Sims

          The Hackmaster
          dlevere's blog