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Hearthstone Combo Helper [No Injection] [Open Source]

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  • Hearthstone Combo Helper [No Injection] [Open Source]

    HS Combo Helper
    View statistics about in how many turn you will be able to make your combos.
    This is done by inspecting the memory of Hearthstone and actually reading text from the window
    but it is NEVER inserting/injecting/hooking anything.
    Therefore dodging most of the problems with warden.

    - Add your own combos, per deck
    - View statistics as an overlay. This overlay is in fact just an topmost window.
    - Filters out combos which can not be played due to dead cards.

    - Allow other window sizes than 800x600 pixels.
    - Make card information more robust.

    Get started

    This software uses BotKitty as it's runtime. It can be downloaded here.
    Then download the latest release of HS Combo Helper and add it to botkitty.

    Start BotKitty and select ComboHelper in the right combobox.

    Now it is the time to add your favorite combos.

    Make sure Hearthstone is not running in fullscreen mode and that you are not inside a match.
    You are now ready to start BotKitty.
    Your hearthstone window will change size. If you want to get rid of that pull requests are welcome.
    When you actually enter a game the overlay will pop up and you are ready to go.

    If you care enough to fix some of the TODO's or if you want to fix something else pull requests are welcome.
    BotKitty is open sourced on github.
    If you do not know where to get started contact me and we can figure it out.

    If you want to contribute you probably care about how this bot is made.
    I will be writing an article about the whole process I went through to get this bot running.

    Virus scans

    - Botkitty
    - Combo Helper

    - BotKitty
    - Combo Helper

    - BotKitty
    - Combo Helper

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