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Sharing Your Netflix Password Is Now A Federal Crime

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  • Sharing Your Netflix Password Is Now A Federal Crime

    On July 5th, the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued an opinion which found, in part, that sharing passwords is a crime prosecutable under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA).

    The decision, according to a dissenting opinion on the case, makes millions of people who share passwords for services like Netflix and HBOGo into “unwitting federal criminals.”

    Court upholds conviction of ex-employee who shared database access.
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    I hope this only means sharing someone elses password is a crime, which it should be. Not sharing your own with family or something.


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      Knowing the liberal-infested government, though, just sharing a password on Netflix will be considered a crime, even if you let, say, your mom watch some movie she's been wanting to see, and you give her your password (she has no Netflix account).

      They're just trying to find a way to make it impossible NOT to commit some crime or other. They want everyone to be considered a criminal, so they can control everyone.
      Tempus fugit, ergo, carpe diem.

      Time flies, therefore, seize the day.


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        Politicians can go fuck themselves again. I don't know why other people still vote for these disgusting low-life slobs.
        "Roll The Bones" - Rush Twitter


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          Whether you vote or not some douche will get in one way or another. Now the interesting thing here is does this apply to Law Enforcement? meaning if they seize your computer and it has some encryption they don't know how to get around can you give them your password and they get in trouble?
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          THE BAD GUY!!!!!!