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Cheat Menus for CEX and DEX (PS3)

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  • Cheat Menus for CEX and DEX (PS3)

    Are you looking to try out real-time cheat menus, but have CEX firmware? Fear not! This small download can solve that problem!

    In the past, only DEX or Rebug users have been able to enjoy the benefits of real-time mods and cheats. However, that's all about to change thanks to one pkg file and a Windows-based utility.

    ControlConsoleAPI allows gamers with CEX and DEX custom firmwares to enjoy the spoils that such real-time edits have to offer.

    Want to cheat in Call of Duty with a specialized menu? You can do that as long as you have a 4.21+ version of custom firmware without Cobra patches.

    Check out a video demo here, and use at your own risk!

    Here is what ControlConsole API 1.00 is all about:


    - Compatible CEX/DEX/SEX/(TOOL ?)
    - Debug non-fself & fself in real time (vsh.self for example can be debugged in rte, or any game with non debug eboot)
    - Debug kernel in real time(lv2_kernel.self and lv1.self)
    *Classic functions (RTE on CEX + DEX):
    -work with Wireless connection
    - bypass exec pages writing restriction
    - bypass lv2 memory protection
    *new fonctionalities like:
    - peek/poke lv1 and lv2
    - setConsoleID at anytime/anywhere
    - setConsoleLed
    - ringBuzzer
    - getTemperature
    - VSH module loading
    - notify

    Compatible firmwares:

    CFW 4.21,4.30,4.41,4.46,4.50 CEX or DEX
    Not compatible with 4.46 Rogero-Cobra

    VSH module loading:

    - create a directory in your /dev_usb000/ called plugins
    and put all your sprx plugins into, it should be
    All of the sprx that are present in this folder, will be loaded at ps3 boot.
    Important : do not use sprx on CEX for now, it seems it takes too much memory. On dex, you can.

    How to install CCAPI?

    Just download and run this pkg on your ps3.
    It will tell you to reboot, and it's done. You only need to do this once.

    How to uninstall CCAPI?

    Just run again the pkg.

    Is it risky?

    No, in the worst case, you could need to reinstall your firmware.

    Quick control console:

    It's just a quick tool to use some of CCAPI functions.



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