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    No$gba version 2.9b was updated!

    30 Sep 2018 - version 2.9b
    - web: created no$project patreon page,
    - dsi/emu: allows 8bit vram writes on dsi (if enabled in SCFG_EXT9.bit13)
    - dsi/help: added note on dsi debug blowfish key used when SCFG_OP nonzero
    - carthdr/help: added carthdr[0B0h] "DoNotZeroFillMem"=unlaunch fastboot ID
    - dma/help: added note on dma-fill via 40000Exh being slower than stmia/ndma
    - dsi/help: added note on broken cameras being more common than unknown cameras
    - dsi/tsc/iomap: shows tsc page 0,1,3 registers (page 3 is hidden in aes tab)
    - dsi/tsc/emu: basic emulation for reading/writing tsc page 0,1,3 registers
    - dsi/startdirect: initializes GPIO registers (sound,powerbutt,wifimode)
    - a22i: throws error message on forward references within .pack blocks
    - nds/cart: supports flashcarts with arm9 code below offset 4000h (ievolution)
    - nds/bugfix: resurrected BG0CNT/BG1CNT.bit13 (unlike GBA) (thanks chocoreep)
    - dsi/help: info about ST NAND02G AH0LZC5 emmc chips (thanks barawer+trade girl)
    - dsi/emmc: emulates different eMMC CSD's (matched to four known eMMC CID's)
    Download it at No$gba website. See above post.
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      Version 2.9c was updated!

      8 Feb 2019 - version 2.9c
      - wifiboot: now supports dsi-wifi-hardware with wpa/wpa2 encryption
      - utility/upload: omits nocashio lpt-port-driver for wifi upload (thanx edo9300)
      - dsi/wifi/hack: dsi browser patch for writing all sdio traffic to wifi-log.txt
      - dsi/wifi/help: new chapter for DSi Atheros Wifi - MBOX Transfer Headers
      - dsi/wifi/help: added notes on used WMI params (connect, cipher, pstream, etc)
      - dsi/wifi/help: more details for access point 4/5/6 settings in wifi-flash
      - nds/wifi/help: updated ds download play chapter (and separate beacon chapter)
      - nds/wifi/help: new chapters for WPA/WPA2: handshake, keys/mics, encryption
      - nds/help: added reverse-engineered dldi specs (flashcart driver for homebrew)
      - dsi/help: added several notes on files found in firmware v1.0J (thanks AnKi)
      - dsi/ndma: added support for SDIO startup mode (much alike as SDMMC startup)
      - dsi/boot: init AES Key2.X (for Data Managment export to SD card, thanx zoogie)
      - dsi/help: device list: details on naming for "public & private savedata"
      - dsi/autoload/help: new chapter for auto-loading (formerly in i2c chapter)
      - dsi/autoload/help: added skeleton/info on 2000000h (autoload parameters)
      - dsi/autoload/help: added more details on 2000300h (autoload by title id)
      - dsi/autoload/help: added specs for 2000800h (unlaunch autoload by path\name)
      - dsi/autoload/help: added specs for 2FFD800h (nintendo's title list and flags)
      - dma/gba/nds7: re-fixed dma0/1/2 len, don't crop 16bit to 8bit (thanx normmatt)
      - dsi/bios: added warn if/when using missing RSA keys (missing bios dsi dump)
      - aboutbox: added email/contact page (debug version only, not gaming version)
      - xed editor: fixed scrolling upon backspace in first some lines (thanks yuki)
      Download it at No$gba website!
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      Doakan untuk MH370 / Pray for M370