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Turning GameCube & N64 Pads Into MIDI Controllers

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  • Turning GameCube & N64 Pads Into MIDI Controllers

    Both controllers can easily be repurposed for musical means, thanks to work by po8aster.

    The project comes in two forms – the GC MIDI Controller and the N64 MIDI Controller, respectively.

    Each uses an Arduino Pro Micro to run the show, a logic level converter, and NicoHood's Nintendo library to communicate with the controllers.

    From there, controller inputs are mapped to MIDI signals, and pumped out over traditional or USB MIDI.

    Both versions come complete with a synth mode and drum mode, in order to allow the user to effectively play melodies or percussion.

    There's also a special mapping for playing drums using the Donkey Kong Bongo controller with the GameCube version.

    For those eager to buy a working unit rather than building their own, they're available for purchase on po8aster's website.

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