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Minecraft speedrunner Dream admits he used mods

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  • Minecraft speedrunner Dream admits he used mods

    For months now, popular Minecraft streamer Dream has insisted there was nothing fishy about six "Any% Random Seed" speedruns he streamed last October, despite evidence to the contrary presented by the moderators of clearinghouse

    Over the weekend, though, Dream said in a message posted to Pastebin that he had "actually been using a disallowed modification during ~6 of my live streams on Twitch" while maintaining that he "didn't have any intention of cheating."
    The Hackmaster

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    I've never watched Minecraft streamers


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      I'm also not very interested in streamers that play Minecraft. I prefer streamers from RPGs or shooters like PUBG. But this streamer did allow himself to update the game with a prohibited modification several times. I heard several times about the mention of this fact by Twitter users under his tweets. I think he should have stopped doing that, especially when many people told him about it. He turned them on several times in Minecraft Prisons, I know. I even read about it here
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        Dream was one of the best streamers at that time.


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          Dream's many defenders rushed to insist that he would never cheat when the moderators posted their findings. He had always seemed like such a nice guy, after all. Many of these same people also insisted that the six speedruns in question were not speedruns or that they were not performed by Dream. Or that they were "seriously glitchless," or that the timing differences were due to lag or something else. Anyway, I am thankful to Dream because I discovered the Minecraft prisons servers that I am enjoying now.
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            For me it is very interested in streamers that play Minecraft.
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