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BluUBomb - A primary Wii U entrypoint via bluetooth

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  • BluUBomb - A primary Wii U entrypoint via bluetooth

    BluUBomb exploits the Wii U's bluetooth stack to gain IOSU kernel access via bluetooth.

    Not to be confused with BlueBomb for the Wii and Wii Mini.

    What does this mean?

    This means you can get IOSU code execution by only pairing an emulated Wii Remote to the system.

    This should be useful to fix a few softbricks on the Wii U side.
    You don't need a working browser or Mii Maker.
    if you've messed up with regionhax and can no longer access the browser, BluUBomb should be able to fix this as well.

    The BluUBomb repository contains a few different kernel binaries for different purposes:


    Launches a launch.rpx from the root of your SD card on the next application launch.


    Launches a fw.img from the root of your SD card on the next OS relaunch (for example when exiting System Settings).


    Applies IOSU patches to temporarily remove region restrictions.
    This should be helpful if you've locked yourself out of your applications due to permanent region modifications.

    Check out the repository for additional instructions:

    The write-up and technical details can be found here:

    • GaryOderNichts - bluUbomb
    • rnconrad for the WiimoteEmulator
    • dimok789 and everyone else who made mocha possible
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