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PS4/PS5 XBox X/S unlimited activation trick to be revealed

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  • PS4/PS5 XBox X/S unlimited activation trick to be revealed

    Scene Veteran Zecoxao has shared some announcement about an upcoming release to perform "unlimited activation" of a single account on PS4/PS5, and "unlimited home" for XBox X/S.

    Hacker Abkarino notes that the upcoming technique, allegedly scheduled to be revealed tomorrow, comes from @rmorteza21p, and is "used in the wild in Iran right now".
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    Microsoft starts testing free multiplayer for free-to-play games

    The update also makes party chat free for non-Gold subscribers.
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      PS4/PS5 Unlimited Gameshare method revealed

      Following the hint from Zecoxao a few days ago, Scene member egycnq has shared a technique to enable multiple consoles on the same account, technically allowing game sharing on as many consoles as one wants. The technique allegedly works on both PS4 and PS5.

      Although we have not tested that this works (and we don't recommend you do this with your personal account. Or your own PS4/PS5, for that matter), PS4 hacker Abkarino confirms the technique is legit.

      It has apparently been used wildly by stores. We assume these stores activate many consoles with a legit account that has dozens of games, download these games, then sell the consoles loaded with free games.

      Scene members apparently decided to reveal the technique as a way to prevent this and get it patched by Sony.
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        "Unlimited PS4 activation" PS4/PS5 trick confirmed patched O_o

        Multiple sources have contacted us to let us know that the "unlimited activation" trick for PS4/PS5 has been fixed by Sony.

        Scene members, including @egycnq had revealed the trick, with the admitted goal of raising Sony’s attention to it for a patch, to prevent shady stores from reselling consoles with pirated content.

        It seems this worked, as it took Sony less than a week to patch the vulnerability, and that didn’t even require a firmware upgrade, either on PS4 or PS5.
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          That is pretty impressive, I didn't thought that there is going to appear the trick for PS5 so early. I already found some tips for "unlimited home" on Gaming News Australia, they have a lot of cool things there as well as on wololo. But PS5 is something new for me as Sony is always attentive to such stuff. Anyways, thanks for sharing and hope soon the secret will be revealed because I'm not that reach to pay that much for the premium bundle. Otherwise I will have fun only on xbox and let my brother pay monthly for the PS haha.
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            But a few factors may prevent you from activating the PS4 system as your central system. You will need to ensure that you have logged into the PSN using your account. You will need to connect to the network and do the activation. If it is not possible to connect to PS Network, do a network status check, looking for a specific error code. These can be primary, external, server, network, software, and internet errors. You can find the decoding of the principles and how to solve the problems on the Internet. But when I figured out all of the issues that made me unable to activate my ps4 system, I first did to compare the game keys for STEAM, UPLAY, and EA on
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