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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas 1.2 Released (PS Vita)

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  • Grand Theft Auto San Andreas 1.2 Released (PS Vita)
    The Hackmaster

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    Interesting. What's extra?


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      According to its change log, version 1.2 of the Vita’s Grand Theft Auto San Andreas port comes with the following welcome improvements:
      • Thanks to adjutantt, it is now possible to play the game without ever touching the rear touchpad by mapping the L2/R2 buttons to the top of front touch screen
        • While this is a minor change, it will definitely please many as the rear touch pad was never too well received by both developers and gamers alike even when the Vita was in its heyday
      • A memory leak in Rinnegatamante’s vitaGL was fixed which alleviates a corrupted texture issue
      • While not directly related to the update, a comprehensive cheat list has been added within the GitHub repository for those interested in controlling the game experience

      The VPK for GTA San Andreas 1.2 can be found below and to update an existing installation, simply install the VPK and you’re ready to go. If you don’t have GTA SA installed on your Vita just yet, you have to follow the README which states that you need the files from the Android version of the game at hand.

      GTA San Andreas for the Vita GitHub README (installation instruction and more information):

      GTA San Andreas for the Vita download link:

      Rinnegatamante’s Patreon (donations):

      TheFloW’s Patreon (donations):
      The Hackmaster