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PS5 can now play Skyrim at 60 FPS thanks to new mod

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  • PS5 can now play Skyrim at 60 FPS thanks to new mod

    If you like what you see, all you need do to activate 60 fps on PS5 is download and enable the mod via Skyrim's in-game mod menu, then either boot up an existing save or start a new game.

    It's worth noting that the mod is available on PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro too, although performance improvements will obviously vary by machine.

    The Hackmaster

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    The modding community has created some fantastic level editing tools that allow players to create entirely new content in the Elder Scrolls game universe. With these new tools, the modding community has grown to a point where it makes content for all types of users, including console gamers. Skyrim can now be played at 60 frames per second on the Xbox One with just a few changes. You can try this fps tester to be sure that your device will run this game. I always use it, and also, there are some settings you can make to have a higher FPS.
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