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Watch Dogs: Legion source code reportedly leaked

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  • Watch Dogs: Legion source code reportedly leaked

    Some weeks ago, ransomware gang "Egregor" claimed to have gained access to the internal networks of Ubisoft and Crytek and stole data from both companies.

    Now it seems that some of this data has actually been leaked in the form of the source code of Ubisoft's latest game Watch Dogs: Legion.

    There are various reports of private trackers hosting this stolen code at a size of around 560 GB. This could make way for mods, optimization and cracking of the game’s anti-piracy measures.

    As for Crytek, "Egregor" apparently found documents detailing the developer's plans.

    These include plans for a battle-royal game called Crysis Next, Crysis VR and a new Ryse game.

    Additionally, their findings showed that the developer might also be planning to remaster Crysis 2 and Crysis 3.

    As the source code for Watch Dogs: Legion has leaked, here's a reminder that at we do not, under any circumstances, condone piracy, and will not facilitate the spreading of illegal ISO files, or any other kind of warez. Please be mindful when posting in threads and:

    Please do not ask for illegal files
    Please do not post illegal files
    Please do not share links to sites that host illegal warez
    Failure to adhere will result in account suspensions or permanent bans.
    This isn't our first rodeo, you have been warned!

    If you see any of these activities, please report them.

    The Hackmaster