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Fall Guys cheating loophole leads to blanket Family Sharing ban

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  • Fall Guys cheating loophole leads to blanket Family Sharing ban

    Publisher says a more targeted solution that allows legitimate sharing is coming.

    Unscrupulous Fall Guys players have been using a loophole in Steam's Family Sharing feature to get around cheat detection bans. Now, the Fall Guys Twitter account says it has turned off Family Sharing for the game as it continues to find and stop cheaters among the game's 7 million Steam purchasers.

    Before the loophole was closed, Steam players were able to buy Fall Guys on a primary account and then share the game with a newly created, free "burner" account using Steam's longstanding Family Sharing program. If and when the burner account was banned after cheating was detected, the process could be repeated ad infinitum without the need to repurchase the game on a new account.

    This isn't the first time Family Sharing has been used to evade anti-cheat efforts. In early 2018, the developer of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds similarly turned off Family Sharing after "identifying a number of vulnerabilities that are being exploited" and to "fight abuse and ensure a fair environment."
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