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EdiZon SE : Advanced memory trainer and pointer seacher (Switch)

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  • EdiZon SE : Advanced memory trainer and pointer seacher (Switch)

    Feature list:

    Range search.
    Compare with previous value search.
    Bookmark memory location found.
    Speed enhancement to make small integer value in first search practical.
    Bookmark adjust to changing main and heap start address on subsequent launch of the game. Bookmark with pointer chain attached updates memory address dynamically when the chain is able to resolve into a valid memory address.
    Extract memory address from dmnt cheat code and add it to bookmark for exploration of the memory location.
    Rebase feature to extract potential pointer chain from dmnt cheat code made for previous version of the game.
    In app pointer chain search for address on bookmark.
    Export dump to PC app (forked from pointer searcher 0.4) for more powerful pointer chain search.
    Import PC app search result for validation and testing.
    Create dmnt cheat code from pointer chain found.
    Ability to detach dmnt from game process.

    Every feature listed above are already implemented. They are not wish list pending development.
    To get the most out of this application please read the wiki.

    New features pending development:

    1. Adding/Removing conditional button to cheat code.
    2. Follow pointer (jump to target) in memory editor.
    3. Highlight address that are targeted and number of sources pointing to this memory location in memory editor. Show list of sources and ability to jump to source.

    The Hackmaster

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    Some enhancements to search UI and some bug fixes

    Added short cut to set search mode. Now you can change mode and continue your search faster.

    Added option to use range on unknown search. Default. Set option for old behavior.

    Added option to freeze game while applet is activated. Not default. Set option to enable.

    Limit to one search per session. More than one can cause problem, now it is disabled.

    Fixed a bug that crashed switch when "Y" is pressed when icon is blank.

    The Hackmaster