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Ziggy's KeyGenMe #0 Reverse Engineering Tutorial

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  • Ziggy's KeyGenMe #0 Reverse Engineering Tutorial

    Learn how to reverse engineer a key generation algorithm in Ziggy's KeyGenMe #0.

    A KeyGenMe is a program that is intentionally made for learning reverse engineering legally.

    We are not doing anything illegal in this video.

    KeyGenMes and CrackMes are common learning tools for ethical hackers.

    Even antivirus companies create CrackMes for ethical reasons, see this Malwarebytes article:

    This KeyGenMe is a very simple one that utilizes a simple XOR algorithm, which is very common.

    You will learn how to reverse engineer it using Ida Pro, and then using this information, we will show you a simple Python script that can generate serials based on the username.

    Discussion & Download:
    The Hackmaster