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How To Open/Disassemble A PS4

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  • How To Open/Disassemble A PS4

    How to disassemble the PS4 to get access to the Motherboard, Disc Drive, Hard Drive and PSU for repair, cleaning or modification.

    Pinned by MODDED WARFARE

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Not all phat PS4 consoles are identical, and depending on the model your console might have some slight differences. Like having clips instead of screws at the back 2:46 and a locking tab for the DVD drive ribbon cable. 8:09, Or even additional screws. With those models you should push down on the tab to release the ribbon cable, as it won't come free by pulling it out as it did with mine. As for the clips you can use a flat head or plastic pry tool to release them.

    Links below to other disassembly videos:

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    The Hackmaster