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  • Free Game Engine To Develop Games For PS3

    By udkultimate


    I am the main developer of UDKUltimate Engine, a custom build of Unreal Development Kit (UE3) which allows anyone to develop and play a game on PS3, XBOX360 and PC.

    This is the site of this project: sites dot google dot com slash view slash udkultimate

    Just do a google search UDKUltimate Engine and you can confirm that this is not fake, this project is online from since 2017, many people already downloaded and did enjoy this Engine.

    From since I finished this project in 2017, I am dedicating myself on a personal project, a game I am developing in UDK Ultimate Engine, which I am going to soon publish here some trailers and a free demo for anyone to download.

    So whenever I recently finished the demo for PC, I began to optimize it for Consoles (XBOX 360 and PS3). So as you may know, I own a PS3 4K model (Super Slim 12 GB), the legendary "unhackable" model, it was until recently.

    Thanks to the efforts of PS3Xploit team, and many other PS3 Scene Devs, now anyone can enjoy homebrew games and apps on any PS3 through the installation of PS3HEN (which is stands for Homebrew Enabler).

    So I after I installed PS3HEN on my PS3, i tried to run my game, it did not work, so after investigating and asking my friends of PS3 Scene, I learned that I had to do some changes on the EBOOT.BIN resign process so it will be able to run on PS3HEN.

    So I did it, and got this working!!!!! This video however is showcasing the UDKUltimate Sample Game which I included on UDKUltimate Engine Download (I want to avoid spoilers on my game ). Sorry for the bad quality of this video, it's because I can't capture footage from PS3, I don't have a HDMI capture card, only a shitty EasyCap . So I used my old Smartphone just to show to anyone that it is working, and is not fake news

    And nothing more just than sharing with everyone this new EBOOT.BIN, so anyone can now create, play and share their own games on ANY PS3.

    In the project website you can find the link and mirrors for this new PS3 Update.

    Just extract this folder to the main UDKUltimate Engine folder (i.e C:\UDKUltimate) and overwrite everything there.

    This new and updated PS3 Game Template Folder has the new EBOOT.BIN already in place, so you just need to do the procedure to export your game for PS3 (the instructions are the same and are located in the Docs folder, file 2- Readme PS3 Export.txt).

    As for those who want to recompile the PS3 Source Code in Visual Studio, nothing have changed, the only difference is that whenever using True Ancestor Resigner to resign the EBOOT.BIN, you just change output method to firmware 3.XX STD (instead of 4.XX STD), then follow the normal instructions.

    Cheers for all and happy game making!!!

    The Hackmaster
    dlevere's blog

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    Thanks dude


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              New Website:

              Know my Super Modern High Tech Game Development Studio


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                Hello guys. Just take a look at this article my folks at published about UDKUltimate



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                    To make things easier for those who don't have a good internet connection, I uploaded the entire UDKUltimate Engine + PS3 Update to google drive, so now you can download and have fun:


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                      Gears of War meets Mortal Kombat on PS3!!!
                      Coming soon...
                      Made in Brazil


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                        Brand new and free Homebrew PS3/Xbox360 Game made in Brazil!!!

                        Coming Soon...

                        Please Share!


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                          Please share on twitter, facebook and elsewhere!


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                              Gears of Kombat now on IndieDB: