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How To Use ReClass To Hack Video Games Tutorial

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  • How To Use ReClass To Hack Video Games Tutorial

    Hey Guys GuidedHacking here with a new hack tool game hacking tutorial!

    ReClass is a tool similar to the Cheat Engine Structure Dissector except it's 10,000% better.

    It will by default show all the video game variables as 32 bit hex, integer and float.

    This makes it very easy to figure out what the player entity object variables are.

    The best part about this hack tool ReClass is that is can generate classes including padding that you can copy and paste directly into your internal hack source code.

    Then you simply assign a class object pointer to the address of the object, and then you may access variables without using offsets.

    Once you learn how to use it, you will never do it any other way! Thanks for watching this game hacking tutorial!

    Download ReClass FREE here:

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    How to use Reclass

    A brief explanation of the program Reclass by Drunken Cheetah

    The Hackmaster
    dlevere's blog