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Team Rebug Announces Project 'SwitchME'

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  • Team Rebug Announces Project 'SwitchME'

    By GaryOPA

    A Tiny Open-Source ModChip Designed For Installing Inside An Nintendo Switch Console!

    We are creating a cheap opensource mod chip solution for the Switch. For now its a 5 wire solution, but might be able to get away with 4, I will also need 3-4 testers. This thing is tiny, so not for soldering noobs! Show me your soldering skills if you want in on the list

    It has to be noted, this is in the very early design stages, only 'prototypes' are being developed right now by their team, but they are looking for a few testers that are good at soldering skills, so if you're an advanced user with expert skills, contact them and get on-board the project.
    The Hackmaster