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Retail Debug Game Transfusion (PS 4)

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  • Retail Debug Game Transfusion (PS 4)

    By zecoxao

    You will need:

    * A retail ps4 on 1.76 fw
    * A testkit or devkit on 1.76 fw, pre-activated (I will not go through details about the activation)
    * A game you wish to backup (disc or psn, as long as it's activated on psn)
    * hitodama's ps4sdk
    * DumpFile modified to decrypt the game's binaries (again, you're on your own)

    * An ftp payload to dump the files from app0

    * Knowledge about the previous tutorials i wrote, namely pfs bypass and decrypt games

    * (Optional) The game's icons (you'll need the original pkg for this and flatz's awesome python script)

    * A resigner for AAAA00000 trophies (keys are on wiki, again, I won't go into much detail on this, but I'll update the tutorial later with info)
    * Target Manager and Target Manager Server (they're out there, just find them, once again, i will not help you on this)

    Some notes:
    I won't go into much detail on this tutorial. If you have a brain, use it.

    Savegames and Trophies now work.
    Filenames are case sensitive!
    The Hackmaster
    dlevere's blog