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Adding SNES Roms To Your SNES Mini

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  • Adding SNES Roms To Your SNES Mini

    If you’re one of the lucky folks who got your hands on an SNES mini, you might be happy to know that the device is already very hackable.

    Although hackchi2 is still being improved, it already allows the transfer of SNES roms to the console, even if the process if very manual for now.
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    For someone who does all kinds of research in SNES games, and other consoles, I am still not able to secure a unit. I'm annoyed. I'm also annoyed at scalpers.

    If I do manage to find one new, I'm unsure if I will modify it to include more games, or maybe just find a second unit and modify that one. I also want a SFC mini because it has exclusive games.

    Nintendo didn't add a single security measure to the Classic NES or SNES and they all use the same hardware and I think this was intentional in some ways and also partly because they knew it wouldn't matter because people don't have respect for anytihng and would have cracked it anyway, but also Nintendo probably just didn't give a shit possibly because it would have costed more money and slowed down the deadline?

    Also, the day the Star fox2 ROM was dumped I found the debug menu.
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      Yeah, SNES mini seems pretty cool.