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Metroid Samus Returns Save Editor Released (3DS)

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  • Metroid Samus Returns Save Editor Released (3DS)

    1. Change Max Health

    2. Change Max Missiles

    3. Change Max Super Missiles

    4. Change Max Power Bombs

    5. Change Max Ability Duration

    6. Replenish Health

    7. Replenish Missiles

    8. Replenish Super Missiles

    9. Replenish Power Bombs

    10. Replenish Ability Duration

    11. Amiibo/Extra Activator
    The Hackmaster

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    Trick On Metroid: Samus Returns

    By scionae

    Basically, I discovered that when in you're in you're ball form and you put a bomb under yourself, it gives you an upward boost, and this can be used in many ways

    I'll leave the video here with the example, hope you'll make a better use of it

    so.. what's going on is: I'm timing the bombs here to skip freezing the dude in the ball form, you just stand still and then time the bombs accurately, usually 3 at the start and 2 in the air should work, this will help even later on and early on in some climbing sections
    The Hackmaster