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PS Vita Reverse Engineering Leak Part 1

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  • PS Vita Reverse Engineering Leak Part 1

    A foreword from wololo:

    I was recently contacted by someone who claims to be the main tech person behind the Cobra blackfin project. The hacker provided substantial proof that he is who he claims to be, although I’d be lying if I said I still have the technical skills today to confirm that all the analysis he’s provided is 100% valid. Today’s release, and potentially the ones to follow, will allow the scene to go through the files and confirm the legitimacy and importance (or lack thereof) of this leak.

    The hacker states he has 76 GB of reverse engineering data related to the PS Vita (the bulk of it being dumps, logs, but also, he says, some juicy stuff), the result of 4 years of work on the cobra blackfin project.

    Due to not being paid for his work by the owner of Cobra team, the developer has decided to make his files public for the scene, with the double goal of 1) providing interesting stuff to the vita community and 2) attempting to get paid for his work. Because of this, it is possible, if he reaches an agreement with Cobra, that the hacker will not send me all the files.

    My part of the agreement with him is that I will publish his announcements and release his files here as he sends them to me. I do it in the hope that this could lead to interesting code/discoveries for the psvita scene, and also because I don’t like the idea of a developer not being paid for their work. This is independent of my opinion on piracy devices such as the Cobra Blackfin, which I believe I’ve made clear multiple times.

    This first release is “minor” but still contains interesting stuff. From my perspective it is mostly here as a “warning shot”, proving he is not kidding with the upcoming leaks. The hacker intends to release more interesting parts of the project progressively.

    Below are an announcement and notes from the hacker, as well as download links for the first part of his work. I have left this mostly untouched except for a few typos and formatting (you can find the original notes and announce documents in the downloadable archive)

    PS Vita Reverse Engineering Leak Part 1
    The Hackmaster
    dlevere's blog