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Stream from your PSVITA to your PC

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  • Stream from your PSVITA to your PC

    Vita developer Rinnegatamante released VITA2PC yesterday.

    Vita2PC is a plugin that will let you stream specific PS Vita games from your PS Vita to your PC Screen, through your local WiFi network. The plugin offers two modes, synchronous and asynchronous, which let you choose between accuracy (no frame drops) and speed (frame drops).

    Vita2PC currently does not let you stream a full vita session (e.g. including the live area), but only once inside a game. Also, not all games are compatible at the moment, and in some cases the streaming quality might be choppy. The developer provides a compatibility list here.

    How to use (from the dev)

    Place VITA2PC.suprx in ux0:tai

    Add ux0:tai/VITA2PC.suprx under the titleid of the game you want to stream (if you put it under *ALL, you’ll have to start your Vita by holding L and then you have to reload config using molecularShell to prevent enso to freeze).

    In game press L + SELECT to bring config menu.

    Set your configuration and start the stream on Vita.

    Open the PC client and insert the IP shown on your Vita.
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