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Adrenaline v6 (Adrenaline VPK) is released

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  • Adrenaline v6 (Adrenaline VPK) is released

    What's Adrenaline?

    This ePSP hack is one of the biggest reasons for which you should get a PSVita/PSTV running 3.60. It has the following features:

    PSP ISO/CSO support so you can virtually play all dumped PSP games. You can dump your own legally-owned games!

    PSX game support (via PSX2PSP) with sound support.

    Support for PSP plugins, even CXMB works!

    Ability to use ux0,ur0 and uma0 as the partition where your PSP files are located.

    Full XMB so you could get the authentic PSP experience.

    Homebrews that need 64MB of RAM (i.e ones that need a PSP Slim/2000+) are supported since unlike with other ePSP hacks, with Adrenaline, 64MB is allocated to the PSP emulator.

    Now, you donít even need activation or a base game to use it.

    Many other features including save states and screen filters.
    The Hackmaster
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