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Identifying Fake GBA Games - A Useful FAQ

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  • Identifying Fake GBA Games - A Useful FAQ

    One of the worst things you may encounter when buying online (And sometimes in a store!) is the fact that you'll buy a bootleg game that isn't made by Nintendo or any of it's companies, rather a Rom dump from the Internet is taken, flashed to a card and shoved in a box for money's sake.
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    I remember that i bought years ago Breath of Fire Cartridge for GBA that was bootleg.The Problem with it was that the RAM Battery inside the Cartridge
    was parallel-connected with the main power supply of the GBA causing the Cartridge to malfunction after few days.Then i soldered in a new Battery with
    a 1N4148 diode and a 1 KiloOhm Resistor in serial to the Cartridge-Board (RAM's VCC pin), also a second 1N4148 diode from the main supply VCC of the
    Cartridge to the RAM (after cutting the direct Connection of the Boards VCC to the RAM of course) and everything was fine afterwards
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      I used to have a fake copy of Disney's Aladdin for the GBA that I mysteriously received on eBay when I ordered a CIB copy I had found at the time (I don't know if the seller gave it to me intentionally or not). The box and instruction manual of course were real, but when I looked at the cartridge, I did my homework and looked up all the signs of a bootleg cartridge elsewhere, which told me the cartridge was definitely a fake. At the time, I tried getting the fake cartridge working with my DSTwo and a program I installed on the micro SD card called GBA_Backup_Tool (which can backup and restore GBA saves), but I wasn't able to put a save from the real game onto the fake cartridge. So when I got a copy of a real cartridge of the game, I threw the fake cartridge away.