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  • PS4 Modchip For Game Sharing

    The PS4 MTX Key is an upcoming hardware modification for the PS4. It allegedly allows groups of friends to share games between their PS4s with no limitation. In other words, one of your friends buys a (digital) game on the PSN through a shared account, then the whole group can play the game on their own PS4.

    Playstationhax reports that some PS3/PS4 scene veterans have confirmed the device is legit.

    The only difference between game sharing and piracy is that initially, one of the users in the group needs to buy the original game, which can then be shared with a potentially unlimited group of friends.

    Note: As always, our policy here at is clear: this device has nothing to do with homebrew, and is solely designed for “piracy”. As such, we do not condone using the device. The news of this device however is big enough that we felt the need to report on it.
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    So they're doing this shit, but we still can't get a goddamn save crypto tool? FFS!


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      Video shows PS4 MTX gamesharing modchip tutorial

      The PS4 MTX Key is set to be released at the end of the month, according to modchip retailers.
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        I'd assume Sony will figure out how to undo this sharing thing, unless they are sharing the game with somebody who never connects to the internet.
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          The future of the PS4 MTX Modchip is already uncertain before its release

          It seems multiple people have known about the vulnerabilities used to create the modchip for a while now. Some of these folks started speaking out on scene website psxhax, in a glorious display of typical scene drama.

          In particular, one user Freeplex says the Chinese groups behind the PS4 MTX got the modchip designs from him, and started reselling those without his consent. As a retaliation, he claims he has shared the details of the vulnerability with Sony’s security team, which if true would ensure the device will be blocked in the next firmware update. (not to mention, independently of that, as I have already discussed, that Sony will be monitoring suspicious activity on PSN accounts and close those suspected of piracy. There’s no need for any leak to their security team for this to happen).

          To add to the drama, it appears that Freeplex had actually received knowledge of the vulnerability and information on how to build the modchip from other groups, and was himself trying to sell these modchips at the much higher price point of $5,000. References to Freeplex’s own little modchip business can be found back as far as 2015.
          On a side note, GaryEdmunds, also a long time user on the scene, mentions the modchip designs might have been “stolen” by hardware mods guru Max Louarn (who has been involved with console hardware mods for as long as there has been consoles, and among other things created scene site MaxConsole and owns Divineo, a console hardware mods company that has been sued multiple times by console manufacturers such as Nintendo – for NDS cartridges – and Sony).

          GaryEdmunds claims he will be sharing the designs of the modchip to thwart Max Louarn’s attempt at profiting from the scheme. See below, emphasis mine (Source).
          The person behind the stealing of your work freeplex is Max Louarn this is nothing to do with Paul Owen as Paul Owen has left the modscene long time ago and sold his interest in Xecuter website to Max.

          Paul Owen is currently involved in Cronusmax and no other console mods.

          Just as a little bonus as Max tried to steal from me a long time ago I have the gerber files and other files for this clone chip and I will release them free to the world on the day the first modshop that is aligned with Max has them in stock to ship.
          It is worth mentioning that none of the statements above can be fully verified or trusted given that we were not able to verify the actual involvement of these posters with the modchip.

          Nevertheless, it seems pretty clear now that the PS4 MTX modchip could have a very short shelf life and end up patched as soon as it reaches the market, and also potentially become open source pretty quickly.

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            The owners of a Moroccan gaming/mod shop have posted a demonstration of the MTX Key for PS4

            Pour pour toutes vos questions veuillez nous contacter sur notre page web www.PlayStore.Ma oubien dans notre boutique au passage de khamlich à meknes sur le boulevard Mohammed V

            Ou bien par email [email protected]

            For all your questions please contact us on our web page www.PlayStore.Ma or in our shop at the passage from khamlich to meknes on boulevard Mohammed V

            Or by email [email protected]

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              Pour pour toutes vos questions veuillez nous contacter sur notre page web ou bien par email [email protected]

              For all your questions please contact us on our web page Or by email [email protected]