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Micro SD to game card adapter (PS Vita)

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  • Micro SD to game card adapter (PS Vita)

    By Aurora

    It came true! Xyz’s of Team Molecule (not Yifan’s!) microSD to game card adapter will be produced by someone on Reddit! This is awesome news for all PSVita owners and something to look forward to when it lands!

    What’s exactly going to happen?

    Reddit member “moredrugsmore3somes” (who should’ve picked a more appropriate name ) has decided to take matters into his own hands and create some microSD to game card adapters for us all. Initially, he was going to do 50 microSD to game card adapters but after the /r/vitahacks went crazy on his Reddit thread, he decided to do an extra hundred. That means that 150 adapters will eventually be up for grabs on eBay.

    The nice chap is even going to do international shipping for us all, which won’t be free, so people from all over can get one if they’re *fast* enough. “moredrugsmore3somes” has already ordered the materials needed from China and will assemble the adapters himself so it will be about 3-4 weeks till these boards go on sale. The adapters should cost $10 but don’t take that as the final amount although I personally think that even $20 would be worth it!
    The Hackmaster

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    Pre-order your SD2Vita (game cart to microSD) adapter right now via Reddit!

    By Aurora · July 4, 2017

    Important disclaimer from wololo: I have not personally verified that people selling preorders for the SD Card adapters through reddit are legit or not, and as such I cannot vouch for users such as Srident or moredrugsmore3somes. We publish Aurora’s article for your information, but as always make sure to do due diligence before sending your money to a stranger.

    Reddit thread

    Pre-order form
    The Hackmaster


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      PSVita Game card to microSD adapter available for order

      Important disclaimer from Aurora:

      While I have contacted the producer on Reddit and he seems to be a nice person, I can’t guarantee anything. The final decision is yours and yours only; you’re protected via PayPal’s buyer protection but if you’re still concerned, get one from elsewhere. It is recommended you read PayPal’s terms and conditions when it comes to buyer protection to understand your rights!

      Update: the adapters have sold out.

      Website to order from

      Reddit article about being able to use both storage mediums

      Twitter account

      Instagram account
      The Hackmaster


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        Setting up your SD2Vita adapter – Formatting your microSD can be done on Windows
        The Hackmaster