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ProDG For PS3 v4.70 Leaked

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  • ProDG For PS3 v4.70 Leaked

    Latest ProDG for DEBUG/TEST PlayStation 3 Consoles Running Firmware v4.70 Has Been Leaked!

    If you are lucky enough to own a PlayStation 3 developer DECH or DECR or just a PS3 SDK, you now have the opportunity to enjoy ProDG for PlayStation 3 v470.1.0 which has just been leaked for you to enjoy playing around with.
    The Hackmaster

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    I think I've been using 4.70 for over a year. It was leaked forever ago, I guess somebody just finally put up an easier to find link with a news post. It connects and disconnects from the PS3 a lot quicker and overall seems quicker. There is one thing I can't fix that makes me want to punch the Debugger's creator. Every !@#$%^&*() time a breakpoint is triggered, the view instantly goes to the Processes view even if it isn't open. That annoying thing for keyboard people like me is the equivalent of clicking on a flash video and losing all keyboard control within the program forcing me to use the mouse, which slows me way the hell down making me furious when it's a nonstop issue. Checked every last option in the thing, can't get it to stop. The only fix I can do is go into Application Data and delete everything for it and manually set up all of my views again which takes forever and randomly doesn't work.

    That Processes window makes me want to break my big TV over the head of the idiot who decided "Hey, I'm going to make it so every time a breakpoint is triggered that the Processes window pops up and takes over everything you had set up for the purpose of doing things at lightning speed and drag you down to slower than snail speed." May he get pop-up ads on the internet forever and his keyboard never works and anything that can be slower in life become slower than hell in life for the prick.

    That single thing continually made me debate on whether I should just go back to 4.20 because it didn't have that problem, and yes that thing is a major problem to me. It's about as stupid as windows interpreting every key press as itself and as the windows key and the fix works one time per restart of your computer. You'd be enraged just typing an internet website link constantly having to use the mouse to click in the URL box for every single letter because every key would bring up the start menu and that would take over the focus of your keyboard, and that's basically what dealing with that Processes window felt like to me. F&*^@#% dumb prick who came up with that idea.
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    July 7, 2019