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Dropping The Master Sword Glitch In Zelda Breath Of The Wild

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  • Dropping The Master Sword Glitch In Zelda Breath Of The Wild

    *Sage Hane Translated in comments

    This glitch works because there are too many objects loaded at once, lagging the game.

    The glitch requirements: Nine copies of Triple Bows. (Bows that shoot three arrows at a time. These can easily be farmed at the location in 4:10)

    Then, go to any spot with 9 or more enemies in one zone, such as the one shown around 0:28.

    Knock off all the weapons the enemies have, like in 0:34.

    Then, loot all the weapons, and drop 9 copies of bows on the ground. If all the enemies collected the bow, you're successful.

    At 1:25, you can see that Link looks glitched within the pause menu, which is a sign that the glitch is working.

    Now, keep equipping and un-equipping items until you get to a point where the sound effect for equipping doesn't play properly. You can tell if the glitch is working if the weapon you've equipped in the pause menu looks different from the one that Link is actually holding.

    "A" is the variable for the weapon the game thinks you're equipping, and "B" for the weapon you've actually got equipped.

    When you throw B, A disappears from your inventory, and another copy of B falls on the ground. (Basically, you can clone items)

    If you discard B, A disappears, and B falls on the ground. (I don't know what the difference here is, maybe discarding doesn't dupe?) The same goes for shields and bows, but since there's no manual way to throw them, electrocuting yourself will allow you to drop the items, which allows for the duping of those two items too.

    The glitch ends when the game is saved, or weapon B is used. This glitch doesn't allow the duping of loot or clothing, so the only real use is to dupe Hylian Shields.

    And when Master Sword is thrown away using this method, the game displays a text saying "The Master Sword has Returned to the Forest," which implies that the developers did this to make sure Master Sword won't become permanently unobtainable if discarded by some means. This still doesn't allow the duping of Master Swords.

    And finally, Versat13 wants people to recognize the potential of the glitch, and use it for more than simply item duping. He wants people to find new discoveries using this glitch, and improve on it.

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