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  • PS4 Memory Editor By @j0lama

    PS4ME.dll is a Windows library with all the necessary functions to be able to link to a PS4 (Version 1.76 for now) and to be able to read/write process memory.

    For now it only has the following functions:

    - SendPayload (string IP, String payloadPath) : Allows you to send a payload to a certain IP through port 9023 so that it can be executed by the cTurt PS4 Playground.

    - Connect (string ip) : Connects to the PS4 with the specified IP.

    - Disconnect () : Disconnects from the PS4.

    - string [] getProcesses () : Gets an array of processes that are currently running on the PS4.

    - string AttachProcess (string ProcessName) : Link to a given process returning an error message in case of failure.

    - byte [] dumpMemory (string Offset, string size) : Performs a memory dump of the specified size and starts in the memory address specified by the offset returning the byte array.

    - writeMemory (string Offset, String value) : Write in the memory address specified by Offset a byte specified by value.

    - string readMemory (String Offset) : Returns the read byte of the memory location specified by Offset.
    The Hackmaster