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Sonic Fan Game Shows Sega How It's Done In 3D

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  • Sonic Fan Game Shows Sega How It's Done In 3D

    It has been a long and difficult journey, but we stand here proudly today to bring you a robust and unique Sonic the Hedgehog experience that we hope you will all enjoy.

    Green Hill Paradise was born out of a question. A question that has all but torn the Sonic the Hedgehog community asunder:

    Can a Sonic the Hedgehog game be made such that it supplies a rich and robust experience in a fully 3D environment while staying true to its platforming roots?

    We are here to answer this question, not through an in-depth analysis video, not through a lengthy forum post, but through a fully playable video game experience. After 10 months of research and development we believe that, yes, Sonic can not only exist in 3D, but he can THRIVE in it. GHP's massive environment, winding paths, dynamic physics and hidden collectibles provide players with the freedom to choose where they want to go and how they wish to get there. The only limitations are the laws of physics and the player's own skill.

    No Spline paths.
    No Boostpads.
    No scripted cameras.
    No Boost Button.

    Gotta Go Fast?
    Earn it.

    This is Green Hill Paradise, reborn.

    __________________________________________________ _______________

    The wait is over. You may now download the game for yourself! When you download and extract the game, PLEASE be sure that you read the enclosed User Manual before playing.
    On behalf of everyone who has helped to contribute to this massive undertaking, I hope that you will enjoy Green Hill Paradise - Act 2.

    DOWNLOAD HERE:!bdtByBRB!QENQpUU2f...CI6v3f-buPsUo4

    __________________________________________________ _______________


    Daniel Coyle (SuperSonic68)
    Chris Deliz (TheActualKK)
    Tim Taylor
    The Great Lange
    Javier Osset (Xaklse)
    Tee Lopes
    Cleffer Notes
    Seumidh MacDonald (ShayMay)
    Sonic Retro
    Sonic Fangames HQ
    My family (especially you, Sean)
    Kris Wilson
    The folks at /sthg/

    Trailer Music:
    Guilty Gear Xrd - Starry Story

    __________________________________________________ _______________

    UPDATE: Sorry about the switch in URL, everyone! I noted a typo in the original trailer, so I decided to re-upload. Enjoy the project!

    UPDATE 2: I figured, since a few people are recording their own play throughs, that it would be prudent to share the high-resolution logo with you all to make your own video thumbnails a bit easier to produce:
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    Has anyone tried it?
    The Code Hut:


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      I wouldn't say they outdid Sega, it's just another take. This one seems to be really floaty. Then they made the texture for the grass and the walls about the same. You can tell from the Sonic 1 graphics the grass was just grass, not a checkerboard pattern. GHZ is pretty overdone too. I don't think Sonic Mania should be remixing the level cause it's been in every re-release that I've bought and I didn't feel the need to see it again. I'd rather he did another level. Heck GHZ is practically in two Smash Bros games.


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        Nevermind, I looked a pic, that could very well be a checkerboard pattern but the grass checkerboard would be half the size of the dirt.