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  • MAME Going Open Source

    By Rob Beschizza

    MAME, the arcade-game emulating software under constant development since its creation by Nicola Salmoria in 1997, is "going open-source."
    MAME is going open source, if you have contributed in past and we still did not contact you please contact us at (@mamedev_org) May 14, 2015
    Gamasutra: "This is notable because MAME is seen to be the premier emulator for arcade games, and the volunteers who maintain it have done laudable work to preserve artifacts of the game industry in a playable state."

    Given the scale of MAME, built over nearly two decades by so many contributors, accomplishing a change in licensing is a project in itself. One contributor reports that the licensing proposed is "BSD3 for core files and BSD3,GPL2 or LGPL2 for drivers/emulators"
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    This could lead to good things...


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      I follow the dev on MAME/MESS and noticed all of the commits adding copyrights to the drivers. I wondered why...

      A couple of years ago they changed the licensing and I think a lot of developers left the project. My hope is that someone develops a GUI debugger to optionally replace the command-line one, and that the emulation of a lot of the systems improve.
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        If it wasn't already then how has it been ported to other consoles and phones?
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