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    Originally posted by lee4 View Post
    convert PAR into GG format is not hacking btw


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      I'd like to be added to the website as a Code Creator. I will be getting a USB Gecko and I have some general knowledge about Gecko Codetypes. Also, I made several Gecko codes for Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness and have made numerous hacks for other games of other systems. Here's a pastebin of the codes I made for Pokemon XD:

      I can guarantee these codes at least work for Dolphin.

      You'll also see that I have Code Creator Status on
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        Hackers are very different from ordinary people. They are primarily motivated by money, with minimal regard for personal boundaries or other people. They have been known to go on long wild larks, using new techniques and languages to break into computer systems and networks for profit. I wanted to learn more about their work and started to look online. I began to study this, the I tried to rent a hacker because I needed this service asap. I was happy to receive all the information I needed.


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          Hello, I was wondering if I could get hacker status to post codes.

          Over 20 years ago I submitted some GameShark codes to a different website that I see have made it's way here. The codes are under a very old email of mine ([email protected]) and are for the PSX game Intellivision Classics.

          I got the bug to try my hand at PSX GameShark hacking again and tonight made another simple code that I'd like to submit. Hopefully there will be more PSX codes from me in the future as well.


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