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  • Code Page Update

    This morning I updated the code page a bit. I moved the note under the code title, and I also made it show the whole note for you guys that like to print pages. If they get too big for the page and create too much scrolling, I can truncate the note for the screen, but have it show the whole thing when you print. Same with codes. If I decide to do that due to popular demand, of course you could always still see the whole note and the whole code with its conversions by pressing the down arrow on the right of the code.

    I also made some tweaks for small screens and printouts. It should be easier to read on cell phones and such.
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    the new look, is much easier to look at
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      The notes stuff becomes a bit problematic for long notes, such as item modifier digits.

      First of all it doesn't seem to have any formatting, so it looks messy (it had to cut the image, it's actually longer than that):

      But with formatting it will be extremely long.

      Second of all, if you click on the arrow to show all the other stuff, you have to scroll down down down to see the info because the new notes are in the way (if they are long).

      Personally I would rather have the notes like it was before, or at least provide an option to not have the notes always showing, or truncate them, or have them disappear if you do click on the arrow. I think that last one should be the best option, have the notes always showing, but if you press the arrow they disappear and show the regular notes.

      Also, the notes would look better under the codes, not under the description. It's a bit difficult to read the descriptions now when there are a lot of notes in the way.
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        is there no way to make a Input for Mod Digits them self..
        just linking to them as MOD digits instead of Notes? example if someone populates the Value on a code with ???????? or ?? it would auto link to a hidden section of Digits for that code ?

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          There's already a modifier box for each code. You can paste the items in each code's modifier box with a simple valueescription\n structure.

          00:Cypress Stick
          02:Copper Sword
          There isn't currently any kind of global modifier option to make one set of values and point multiple codes to it.

          Rey, that's what I was saying about truncating them, but then people start complaining that they can't print code pages anymore. So I will do as I said in my original post and truncate for the screen, but show notes in entirety when printing. Codes can get very long as well, so it wouldn't make sense to put them under the code. That would just result in a lot of wasted space.
          Please put all complaints in writing and submit them here.

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            Ok, at least shift the notes box a little to the right, so the notes aren't directly to the bottom of the description. Like so:

            Also, are you going to implement a checkbox to be able to select all codes in an individual group? Sometimes I want to reorganize pages, but there's no way I'm going to individually click 200 codes :P
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              Good job, as usual, Rimsky 82! I know you're trying to make it as easy as possible for most gamers, and I hope ya keep it up! The "silent majority" appreciates your work as much as I do, but are less-expressive about it.
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