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Codebreaker Day1 Modification

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  • Codebreaker Day1 Modification

    I modified our day1 server for codebreaker to host our current codes. Every time a code is added or changed to a PS2 game, a new cbc file is generated on our day1 server. This means we have the latest codes available right from your PS2!

    The Codebreaker ELF modified to use our server and launch another ELF is available here:

    The caveat: The day1 list is limited to 1200 entries, and there are about 1800 cbc files on our server. This means the list is truncated to the newest 1200 cbc's. If your game isn't listed, simply find the game in the database, select some codes, choose the cbc7-day1 export and click the download button. The game should then be available on the server.
    Please put all complaints in writing and submit them here.

    Above link not working? Try here.