Name User System Game Date
Jump İn Midair aspergerasp Game Boy Ganso!! Yancha Maru (Japan) Wednesday, Oct 27th 2021 @ 5:43am
Autopilot Code Fix tommydiones98 Playstation 2 Gran Turismo 3 - A-Spec (NTSC-U) Monday, Oct 25th 2021 @ 9:21am
[Laser Hockey] 1:1 IR pointer twisting angle Rin Tohsaka Wii Wii Play (USA) (v1.00) Sunday, Oct 24th 2021 @ 5:20pm
Float value or speed related codes Good-Smurf Playstation 2 Metal Gear Solid 3 - Subsistence (NTSC-U) Wednesday, Oct 20th 2021 @ 10:43am
Free Camera on side scrolling stages DonkeyKonga Nintendo Entertainment System Zelda II - The Adventure of Link (USA) Wednesday, Oct 13th 2021 @ 1:46pm
Freeze Timer (Tech Kraken stage) mechawily Game Boy Advance Mega Man Zero 4 (USA) Sunday, Oct 10th 2021 @ 11:46pm
Skip the free-roaming stages eadmaster Genesis/Mega Drive Thunder Force II (USA, Europe) Monday, Sep 27th 2021 @ 8:34pm
moon jump Trevor.Cranberry Gamecube Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (USA) Sunday, Sep 26th 2021 @ 9:35am
invisible thorr_warrior Genesis/Mega Drive Kid Chameleon (USA, Europe) Saturday, Sep 18th 2021 @ 9:05pm
invincible thorr_warrior Genesis/Mega Drive Kid Chameleon (USA, Europe) Saturday, Sep 18th 2021 @ 8:55pm
enable weapon select on pause screen eadmaster Super Nintendo Super R-Type (USA) Wednesday, Sep 8th 2021 @ 9:19am
Infinite continues eadmaster NEC TurboGrafx16/PC Engine After Burner II (Japan) Wednesday, Sep 8th 2021 @ 7:08am
infinite credits (GG code) eadmaster Super Nintendo BioMetal (Japan) (En) Tuesday, Sep 7th 2021 @ 12:16pm
Infinite Credits (GG code) eadmaster Super Nintendo Maerchen Adventure Cotton 100% (Japan) Tuesday, Sep 7th 2021 @ 11:26am
Please Make a skip fmv via tap "start" & Containing Room/Dungeon be Music Be For All Battles! itoikenza Playstation Chrono Cross [Disc1of2] (NTSC-U) Sunday, Sep 5th 2021 @ 2:52pm
infinite credits (GG code) eadmaster Genesis/Mega Drive Hellfire (Japan) Wednesday, Sep 1st 2021 @ 12:23pm
Infinite Credits (GG code) eadmaster Genesis/Mega Drive Bio Hazard Battle (USA, Europe) Wednesday, Sep 1st 2021 @ 11:58am
Infinite Continues (GG code) eadmaster Genesis/Mega Drive Bare Knuckle - Ikari no Tekken ~ Streets of Rage (World) Wednesday, Sep 1st 2021 @ 11:52am
Disable "Ralf Schumacher" AI Gnoor Playstation 2 Formula One 2005 (PAL-Unk) Tuesday, Aug 31st 2021 @ 12:38pm
Shrinked body with big head Flakitn Playstation Bust-A-Move 2 - Dance Tengoku Mix (NTSC-J) Saturday, Aug 28th 2021 @ 3:08pm