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Code Submission and Hacker Status

by rimsky82 (23 Replies)
I've been noticing a lot of activity lately, especially with users filling code requests. It's exciting to see code hackers come out of the fold and making some new codes for our favorite games!

I want to remind everyone that our website is an interactive database, and anyone with a Hacker status can add their own codes for any game. With our database being used for more and more applications and projects, it's important that we stay the top site for delivering the best codes for all of these platforms. You'll be able to add codes, fill requests, and edit your own codes at any time.

So how can you get this status? Just stop in our Discord server, or our forums, and ask! You'll be adding your own codes in no time.

Interviewed Barubary/Myria for Hackers of Lore

by Lazy Bastard (7 Replies)
I've interviewed none other than Barubary/Myria, and added the interview to Hackers of Lore.


New Users not getting confirmation email? Read This

by Helder (10 Replies)
There is an issue with the email system so in the mean time an Admin such as myself will have to manually Register you. Best way to contact one of us is through Discord where you can contact me and I will adjust the account.

Use this link here if you missed it on the site:

Tony H is now a Super Moderator!

by Lazy Bastard (17 Replies)
Tony H is a veteran game hacker and has been a mainstay at for many years now. He's always been helpful to visitors, members, and staff alike, and is a great asset to the community.

Tony H is hereby promoted from Moderator to Super Moderator, with moderation privileges for all forums.

Thank you and congratulations, Tony.

BigBossman has been promoted to Chronicler

by rimsky82 (15 Replies)
"What? He isn't already?"

Congratulations to BigBossman for making Chronicler, an action that seems to be long overdue. He is a welcome addition to the staff that will help us get some of the messes around here cleaned up.

Our staff help keep our site the best around.

Code Request System

by rimsky82 (22 Replies)
I realized tonight the code request system, or at least the submission part, was broken. I may have been made aware in the past, however for some reason or another I didn't remember. Anyway, it's fixed, so you can request codes again from the game's page. And those of us that sometimes need an idea of what to hack can check out the requests page.

terpsfan101 Promoted to Chronicler

by rimsky82 (19 Replies)
Another user making his way up the ranks... He's helpful to other users, has a high reputation, and is a quick-pull with the hacking trigger. And one of the best characteristics of a chronicler is that he cares about the integrity of the codes on the site and is willing to spend the time to make corrections.

Congratulations to terpsfan101 for making chronicler, who certainly fits the bill. ...and like me is a fan in the Big 10, albeit Maryland :P

Don't everyone PM their requests at once.

New CheatEngine Table Repository, and Other Stuff

by rimsky82 (7 Replies)
So at is a new little area for submitting cheat tables, thanks be to DarkByte. It's pretty basic at the moment, but those in the hacker group and above should be able to add tables. I will add features as I can, such as editing and deleting submissions. If you want to submit some tables that you made, and you don't have access, please post in our forums.

Other things happening around here lately... the forums crap out from time to time, we're still trying to figure out that little issue. I made some adjustments with the ps2 day1 codebreaker server, I'm still working on that a bit... although I'm thinking it's hardly used.

I've noticed that the retro gaming scene has exploded in recent years, mostly in regard to hardware collecting and modification. It seems odd to me that it has been somewhat quiet around here amidst the explosion. I don't hear much about cheating at least among the more popular youtubers, but I know there's still an interest as Kevtris recently added the ability to use 6 game genie codes on his Super NT.

There's more in the works, so stay tuned... if that's still a thing

Interviewed nolberto82 for Hackers of Lore

by Lazy Bastard (0 Replies)
I've interviewed nolberto82, and added the interview to Hackers of Lore.


Interviewed rimsky82 for Hackers of Lore

by Lazy Bastard (0 Replies)
I've interviewed our own rimsky82, and added the interview to Hackers of Lore.


Interviewed Dark Byte (creator of Cheat Engine) for Hackers of Lore

by Lazy Bastard (0 Replies)
I've interviewed Dark Byte, creator of Cheat Engine, and added the interview to Hackers of Lore.


Interviewed Abystus for Hackers of Lore

by Lazy Bastard (0 Replies)
I've interviewed our own Abystus, and added the interview to Hackers of Lore.


Interviewed Demonic722 for Hackers of Lore

by Lazy Bastard (2 Replies)
I've interviewed our own Demonic722, and added the interview to Hackers of Lore.


Tony Hedstrom is now a moderator!

by Lazy Bastard (21 Replies)
Tony Hedstrom has been a prolific hacker here for a long time; I'm happy to announce that he's now the Hacker Threads forum moderator.

Welcome aboard, Tony Hedstrom!

New forums, and new main site theme

by Lazy Bastard (7 Replies)
The forums have been upgraded and redesigned, and the main site has had a theme change to match the new forums. If I may say so myself, they look pretty awesome. Thanks to rimsky82 for a lot of awesome work, and thanks to vBulletin to making a mostly solid product that is sometimes downright infuriating :)

We're still working through a few issues; please let us know if you discover any new ones, in the Under Construction/To Be Added forum.

Happy hacking...
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