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    Default Cheat Page Update

    There have been quite a few changes around here in the past few days, so how about another. I updated the normal view for the cheat pages to be easier to read; it looks like a combination of the normal view and simple view. I still have the simple view in place, and it will probably stick around for a while. Let me know what you think.
    Please put all complaints in writing and submit them here.

    Above link not working? Try here.

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    i preffered tha simply view, but tha combination sound pretty good plan.
    dood! im a uniter, not a divider dood

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    I like simple view because I can see the notes right away and I don't have to click anything. But I don't use it because then the group names don't show so I don't know which codes go where (for games with lots of groups and codes).

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    I like "normal view"
    but dont touch "simple view"

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